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Headcanon: Mountains exist

These tumblr people and their ridiculous fan theories.


Derek is aware of what it cost the Sheriff to agree to this. He knows that because life isn’t like the movies, you don’t get a grace period to gather back all the fragments, and the bad guys don’t wait for one crisis to end before springing another on you. It was a break in a case they’d been hoping for for almost a year, he’d said, eyes glassy and weary and resigned, and somehow the local lowlives hadn’t seen fit to respect the fact that the man’s only son has been given the all-clear after a stint in the state’s most frequently rebuilt hospital.

The words were out before he’d actively thought them, truth be told. Stiles and Derek had been StilesAndDerek for about two months before The Incident,  fucking around with a few stolen moments here, an adrenaline-fuelled hook-up there, too many innuendos about blow jobs that were followed by a proud smirk, and more than one close-to-the-bone jibe about finally finding a language they could actually communicate through. Their hard edges were smoother, less to be opposed about and a perspective that only maturity can give someone. Opposing each other was more of a token gesture than anything else - something familiar to fall back into, easier somehow. Derek was never one for words, and he’s done better expressing things with his body for pretty much his whole adult life. Just because the abnormal calm Stiles brought to his clusterfuck of an existence inspired strange, deep declarations settling in the back of his throat, urging to be uttered aloud, didn’t mean it was smart to say any of them. So, the moment of flat silence after he’d declared, ‘I’ll look after him’, in response to the Sheriff’s dilemma, made it feel like some awkward Freudian Slip.

It wasn’t like they were keeping it a secret from anyone. The necessity of honesty in the turbulent spasm that was their lives wouldn’t have allowed for such a luxury, and the night Derek barreled into Beacon Hills Memorial with an unconscious Stiles in his arms manically shouting for help would have been a tell for anyone who bothered to notice.

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[UHQ] Actor Tyler Hoechlin attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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You know, funny story: There’s this craft store called Michaels. Look, my sister knits, and she goes to Michaels. So my sister called me and she’s like, “Oh my god, I’m at Michaels, picking up yarn. You have a poster at Michaels.” I’m like, “What?” She’s like, “There’s a poster, there’s a Falcon poster at Michaels.” I’m like, “Holy s**t!” She’s like, “I’m gonna come and pick you up, and we’re gonna see your poster in this store.” So she picks me up and we go to Michaels.

We go in, and I see the poster and I’m like, “Oh, this is….” She’s like, “I know, I know.” I said, “I’m gonna sign these posters.” I was like, “That would be amazing, you buy a poster and it’s like, actually signed by the Falcon.” Like, it would blow my mind. So I go to the front, I buy a Sharpie, I run back to the back of the store. And she’s like, “I’m gonna take a picture of you signing it.”

I’m in this store and I’m signing all the posters. The manager comes out, he’s like, “Hey, whatcha doing?” I was like, “Oh man, I’m signing these posters so when people buy ‘em, they’re signed.” He’s like, “Well, people are not gonna buy ‘em if they’re signed.” And I was like, “No, no, no, it’s cool. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a problem.” And he goes, “Yeah, but it is gonna be a problem, you’re messin’ up my inventory.” And I’m like, “No, my man, trust me. I mean, I’m the Falcon, that’s me!” And he goes, “Yeah, right. You’re gonna buy those posters.” I said, “What?” He’s like, “You’re gonna buy all those posters or I’m gonna call the police.”

He rolls up all the posters and goes to the front of the store. And I had to buy like 60 Falcon posters that I signed in Michaels.


-Anthony Mackie getting in trouble for signing his posters at a Micheals  (x)

The important thing to take away here is Anthony Mackie in a yarn store. I’m lightheaded, I need to take a moment. 

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steve and bucky being in a meeting with all the avengers at the stark tower and steve is getting progressively more pissed off with them and their shenanigans while bucky just sits at the bar ignoring everything

"bucky come on, help me!"

"no way, don’t drag me into this"

"just give me a hand!"




I have


no idea

what you’re

talking about




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It’s a metaphor. You’re a metaphor. I’m a metaphor. Your keybord is a metaphor. Everything is a metaphor. The universe is turning into one giant metaphor on a molecular scale. Run. It’s too late.

hail hydra

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This is how I die.

He looks like a dad



This is how I die.

He looks like a dad



#he looks so proud to have outsmarted hermione

#That one time Wizards used psychology instead of magic #And it was 200% effective

Also filed under Harry Potter lines that are really dirty out of context

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Stjikutspljdserg I’m alive???

It’s like drowning but you just won’t fucking die.

- Urban Dictionary definition of unrequited love (via c-oquetry)

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If only I had a daughter, with skin as white as snow,
                with hair as black as ebony
                          and lips as red as blood..”

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